The Palm IIIc[tm] and Kodak's PalmPix[tm]
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Download your free e-book from IBM

Thank you for contacting us about IBM e-B2B solutions. Now wešd like to help you learn even more about the revolutionary new world of information technology and e-business. Wešre pleased to offer you a free download copy of the Palm-based e-book Engines of Tomorrow: How the World's Best Companies are Using Their Research Labs to Win the Future, by Robert Buderi, published by Simon & Schuster. In the book, Buderi, a former Business Week editor, takes a look at the powerful role of product research in corporate strategy and how the billions spent on it are shaping todayšs business.


Whether reading for business or pleasure, the Peanut Reader provides owners of Palm[tm] organizers with the most convenient way to transport their reading materials-- the equivalent of up to twenty full-length novels on a Palm[tm] with 8 Megabytes of storage. In addition to providing an  easy-to-use, yet highly versatile reading application for your Palm [tm],'s online eBookstore offers nearly 1,500 high-quality eBook titles. will help lighten your load and put your critical information where you need it most-- your pocket. Discover the benefits of Palm-based eBooks, starting with your free copy of  Engines of Tomorrow: How the World's best Companies are Using Their Research Labs to Win the Future.  

Congratulations on your selection of the Palm IIIc[tm]!

It's an eBook Reader...

Not only is the colorful Palm IIIc[tm] a superior personal digital assistant, but it is also your new ultra portable eBook reader, supporting's wide array of eBook publications, including the hottest selling fiction and non-fiction titles on the market today.

Toting eBooks in your Palm IIIc[tm] is the most convenient way to transport your favorite books, magazines, and newspapers. The Palm IIIc[tm] packs the equivalent of up to twenty full-length novels, in addition to the rest of your information needs.'s vast offering -- in excess of 1,500 titles to choose from -- is constantly growing, with new titles being added daily. Browse our website and see why is a leading force in eBooks today.

It's a Digital Camera...

Enter today to win Kodak's PalmPix[tm] and turn your Palm IIIc[tm] into a digital camera, enabling you to shoot, transfer, and store 24-bit color, 640 x 480 resolution images.

Weighing just 1.5 ounces, this diminutive camera features a fixed lens, 2X digital zoom, and a self- timer. The Palm's LCD screen acts as the camera's viewfinder and as the image-viewing screen. Images stored on the Palm are transferred to a PC in standard BMP or JPEG file format through the Palm's HotSync® cradle.
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Hit the Books! has included four best-selling eBook titles with your new Palm IIIc[tm], including the scintillating adventure The Takers, by Jerry and Sharon Ahern; fantasy favorites Arrows of the Queen, by Mercedes Lackey, and Carnivores of Light and Darkness, by Alan Dean Foster, and finally, business book blockbuster The Agile Manager's Guide to Giving Great Presentations, by Jeff Olson. Be sure to watch for all of the upcoming titles in these popular series!

Additional information on how to turn your new Palm IIIc[tm] into a versatile eBook reader.

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The Takers

The Takers, River of Gold

The Takers, Summon the Demon

Arrows of the Queen

Arrows of the Light

Arrows of the Fall

Carnivores of Light and Darkness

Triumph of the Souls

Into the Thinking Kingdoms

The Agile Manager's Guide to Goal-Setting and Achievement

The Agile Manager's Guide to Making Effective Decisions

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