Where it Began

My name is Robert Lewis Gould Jr. but I have been called Robby since I was little and it has grown on me. I was born in Bellows Falls VT on April 4th 1980 and Im the oldest of 3 with my brother Sean and sister Renee’. I was raised on a farm and grew up doing chores and farm work for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I always loved playing sports and excelled in basketball, hockey and baseball. I took most to basketball and never really expected much from it other than to just play for my high school. After graduating I didn’t want to work on farms or do construction so I joined the U.S. Army National Guard. Joining the Guard was the best thing that I ever did as it opened up many doors and benefits to me. I deployed to Baghdad Iraq in August of 2005 through November of 2006 and was on the Quick Reaction Force for FOB Abu Ghraib. During that year, I experienced many offsets – my brother being severely burned inside his vehicle on a convoy from a star cluster that ignited and burned him, and my father going into cardiac arrest, which led to quadruple bi-pass surgery. Even though these things were going on in my life, I found refuge in the world of bodybuilding. I kept myself busy by entering several contests while deployed, all of them which I won! I won a benching, squatting, deadlifting contest and was featured in the October 2006 Military Muscle Flex Magazine. Right then and there I knew that bodybuilding would be a part of my life forever.

Getting Serious

Upon my return from Iraq, I decided to compete. My first bodybuilding show was the 2005 Eastern USA in New York City. I took 3rd place in the Super Heavyweight class at 232 lbs. I was guided by Dr. Brian Saltzman who is a National level Light Heavyweight who taught me all about the dieting and training process. The next year I worked on building more size and shape as I went to the 2008 Jay Cutler Classic with high hopes. At that time I was working with John Oreagan and tried some different things and came in 3rd. I took some time off and wasn’t really feeling like I was hitting my full potential. One night at the gym I was talking to a friend who told me I should try using her friend Dave Pulcinella, from the Raising the Bar videos. After watching his documentaries I knew I would be in the best of hands. After talking with Dave it seemed that we had all the same thoughts but he was going to show me how to apply them in the sport. Last year was my first year working with him and he brought me in at 263 lbs. and the best I have ever looked so far. I have worked with Dave all summer and he has brought me up to a sold 320lbs. We are currently getting ready for the 2010 season with big expectations and high hopes for a win. I usually keep current photos and videos on my facebook as well as I will be doing here and pray for another great year.


In closing I just want to do a bunch of thank you’s. First of all I want to thank God and my family for being behind me throughout all of these years. Next I want to thank Jim at Absolute Nutrition for staying with me and believing in me as he provides me with the best products he has without even hesitating. I want to thank the Army National Guard for giving me the discipline and personal courage to take on this sport and keep motivated. I want to thank Pete from The Leading Edge of Fitness for assembling an awesome gym to body build in. And last but definitely not least, my friends. Thank you all for continuing to push me and make me feel like a champion everyday that I walk into the gym. I have the best friends in the world as Ben flies in from Chicago for a day to see a show and Greg who drives over an hour every week to come to train with me. Ryan and Amanda aka SweetCapri who train with me every day and makes sure that I keep the level of intensity at the max. Dr.Linda Levine from Hadley Family Chiropractic as she keeps my spine and back solid. Everyone at the Leading Edge of Fitness and David Pulcinella. Special thanks to Lawrence Preston for constructing this website it came out better than I could have ever expected. Thank you!

Body Building is definitely a team sport that requires a lot of help and support. Even though it has individual rewards, you have to have an awesome support channel to push you to the top. After all these years I know that I have assembled the crew that I need to get it all done and for that I am thankful.